Understanding Participation Inequality on the Web

The 90-9-1 Rule

You may wonder why it seems like only a small percentage of your audience is engaged. The answer is called the rule of Participation Inequality, also called the 90-9-1 rule.

According to this rule only 1% of the community is creating, 9% are interacting, and 90% are consuming information and observing on the web.

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Stealing the Silicon Valley Economic Playbook

Playbook Composition

For any region to become an entrepreneurial powerhouse it must adapt the 10 economic strengths that enabled the Silicon Valley to dominate the high-tech world.

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W2’s and 1099’s New Filing Date

Under the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) federal law enacted December 2015, employers are now required to file Form W2’s and certain Forms 1099-Misc to the Social Security Administration by January 31, 2017.

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Regulatory Pitfalls of which Most Nonprofits are Unaware

There are numerous regulatory pitfalls concerning sales and use tax, of which your nonprofit may be unaware. Here are just a few:

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Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Organization?

Crowdfunding Defined

Crowdfunding refers to fundraising campaigns aimed at collecting small amount donations from a large number of people. This technique was used very successfully in 2008 by then presidential candidate, Barack Obama… raising over $800 million in online political campaign donations. It has also been used successfully by for profit start-ups including Oculus VR which started with a Kickstarter platfrom campaign in 2012… and was recently purchased by Facebook for $2 billion dollars.

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